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"Welcome to the Set Apart online store! We warmly invite you to explore our Christ-centered resources for women of all ages.  It is my prayer that our books, magazines, courses, and other materials will spiritually refresh you, deepen your devotion to Jesus Christ, and provide you with rich, Biblical truths for your daily life."  – Leslie Ludy

Build a Christ-centered lifestyle.
Apply biblical truth to your daily challenges.
Experience a thriving walk with Jesus in every season.

Set Apart Magazine

A beautiful, quarterly publication filled with timeless biblical encouragement for living as a Christ-centered woman in today’s culture, with articles from Leslie Ludy at the Set Apart Team.

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Set Apart Woman

Do you ache for something more in your Christian walk? Discover how to exchange apathy for spiritual passion.

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Be Mentored

If you've ever longed for encouragement in your walk with Christ, we invite you to explore the Set Apart Online Mentoring Program! Access over 40 hours of teaching videos, take online courses, read Set Apart Magazine, and receive ongoing encouragement from Leslie Ludy.

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