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Mentoring Young Women – Online Course

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Mentoring Young Women

A Special Online Summit with Leslie Ludy

Do you have a burden to reach the hearts of today's young women?  That burden is not there by accident!  Today's young women are in the midst of a battle, and God desires to work through you to reach them with His message of hope and truth.

In this course, Leslie shares the biblical and practical tools you need to effectively disciple the younger women in your life. Whether you are a mom discipling daughters, a young woman desiring to mentor younger girls, or you already have a ministry to girls or teens, this course will equip you to make an eternal impact in their lives.  Drawing from her 20+ years of experience working with women of all ages, Leslie will give you a clear vision for becoming a godly mentor, covering topics such as:


  • Understanding and engaging in the battle women face today
  • Gaining God's heart for those you are ministering to
  • Providing biblical answers rather than human wisdom
  • Cultivating healthy mentoring relationships
  • Building an effective small group
  • Preparing your heart for ministry
With over five hours of in-depth and practical training, this course will give you the confidence and vision you need to build healthy, Christ-centered mentoring relationships with the young women in your life!

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