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The Set Apart Woman

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THE SET-APART WOMAN: God’s Invitation to Sacred Living

by Leslie Ludy

Have you ever felt an ache for something more in your Christian walk? Do you long to leave apathy behind and pursue passionate devotion to the one true King?

In this book, Leslie Ludy presents a powerful, beautiful vision for becoming wholly consecrated to Christ, showing you how to:

  • Cultivate Christ-honoring daily habits
  • Trade unfulfilling distractions for purpose-filled living
  • Overcome fear and build unwavering faith
  • Exchange confusion and doubt for joy and confidence

With rich biblical truths, candid personal stories, and helpful practical insights, The Set-Apart Woman will equip you to experience the beauty and fulfillment of a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. This book is suitable for women of all ages to enjoy.

If you're content with a subnormal, explainable brand of "Christianity," or if you're looking for a book that echoes the siren call of the world to experience a comfortable, feel-good, trouble-free, self-centered existence, this book is not for you. But if you're hungry for more of God; if you long to rise above the pull and distractions of our culture and enter into all for which God created and saved you; if you want to live a life that outlasts you; and if you want to experience the sweet fruit of true love, sacrifice, holiness, and courage, then I urge you to read The Set-Apart Woman. Let it rock your world and let it challenge you to build your life on the Rock, Christ Jesus.
– Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Author and Revive Our Hearts Host

In The Set-Apart Woman, Leslie Ludy pours out her heart, calling us to leave behind the "rags" of current pop culture in order to become a beautiful woman clothed with the likeness of Jesus Christ. I could hardly put the book down as my own life was challenged. 
– Bonnie Barrows Thomas, Torchbearers International 


Pages 256
Release Date: 2015 (NavPress)