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The First 90 Days of Marriage

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The First 90 Days of Marriage: Building the Foundation of a Lifetime

by Eric and Leslie Ludy

Eric and Leslie believe that a thriving marriage — not just a surviving one — should be the aim of every couple.

The first few months of a new marriage is like the “wet concrete” stage of a relationship...

  • Habits, both good and bad, lock into place
  • Roles become defined
  • Communication methods settle themselves in for the long haul
  • Physical and emotional intimacy gets off to either the right or wrong start

Every couple has a choice of how they are going to begin their proverbial ride into the sunset. If you proactively maximize your first 90 days of marriage, you will avoid years of heartache, disillusionment, and having to “un-learn” all the wrong habits that were set in those early months.

Marriage is serious business. It’s intense, it’s challenging, it’s important work. However, this book will display that marriage is also romantic, fun, and full of magical wonder. Marriage will likely be one of the hardest things you will ever do. But marriage should also be one of the most enjoyable things you ever do.

This book is full of practical insight with chapters such as:

  • How to Stay Madly in Love Through Life’s Ups and Downs
  • How to Tackle Life as a Team
  • How to Build the Ultimate Romantic Sanctuary

The First 90 Days of Marriage will help couples lay the foundation for a God-scripted, happily-ever-after relationship that only gets better with time. Whether you are soon to be married, have been married many years, or simply want to gain God’s perspective for marriage in your single years, you’ll greatly benefit from this book.

Pages: 224
Release Date: 2006 (Thomas Nelson)