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Teaching True Love to a Sex-At-13 Generation

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The Ultimate Guide for Parents and Leaders

by Eric and Leslie Ludy

God has so much more for our children than pop-culture conformity, spiritual atrophy, and sexual preoccupation. But for our kids to be numbered among the rare few that push aside the mediocre life of selfishness and press forward into God’s endless frontier, they need parents who are unwilling to let them settle in the land of compromise. Great parents, submitted to the vast potential of God, raise up great children.

As Eric and Leslie Ludy have traveled the country and interacted with countless young people, they have heard the desperate desire for godly teammates echoed over and over again among the younger generation. Their prayer is that this book will equip you, as a parent or leader, to become the answer to this generation’s most urgent need. If the younger generation is ever to escape the slime of the culture and experience vibrant successful relationships and marriages, they need parents who will rise to the challenge and point them to God’s highest.

The message of this book will inspire you to:

  • Embrace that sacred call
  • Gain understanding for what today's young people need
  • Give vision for your role in the transformation of a generation
  • Offer practical tools to see that vision become a reality

This book is not written from a parent-to-parent perspective. Rather, this book is written from the perspective of the younger generation — a voice to you from today’s young people, articulating their perspective to help you better understand what they need and desire from you as parents and leaders.

Note: This book is also a great tool for young people who desire to reach their own peers, or those a few years younger, with God’s perspective on romance and relationships.

“This book is a blaring wakeup call to parents of teenagers, a valuable tool to help parents navigate the treacherous waters of adolescence.” —The Dallas Morning News

Pages: 256
Release Date: 2005 (Thomas Nelson)