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Set Apart Magazine | Issue 33

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The 2022 Spring Issue of Set Apart Magazine is filled with powerful articles by Leslie Ludy and her team of set apart writers.  This magazine will strengthen and inspire you toward a Christ-centered life, offering poignant biblical and practical insights on themes of powerful living, backyard mission fields, fortification, reviving your spiritual life, and being a keeper at home.

Rich with Scripture and life-changing spiritual depth, Set Apart Magazine makes a beautiful addition to your daily quiet times, a wonderful tool for small groups, or a meaningful gift for any woman.  Suitable for any age.

Articles Include:
Backyard Mission Field — Awakening to the Gospel Opportunities in Front of Us 
Infused with Grace — Fortify Against Spiritual Anemia 
Keeping it Fresh — Seven Ways to Recharge your Spiritual Life
Keepers at Home — The Gospel-Empowered Commission
Rediscovering the Chocolate Smoothie — The Secret Ingredient to Powerful Living

With more inside! 

 92 pages, coated cover, perfect bound, ad free. Limited quantities available. 

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