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Set Apart Girl Magazine | Issue 26

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The 2019 AUG/SEP Issue of Set Apart Magazine is filled with powerful articles by Leslie Ludy and her team of set apart writers.  This magazine will strengthen and inspire you toward a Christ-centered life, offering poignant biblical and practical insights on themes of meekness, social grace, long-distance relationships, adoption, supernatural strength, and more.

Rich with Scripture and life-changing spiritual depth, Set Apart Magazine makes a beautiful addition to your daily quiet times, a wonderful tool for small groups, or a meaningful gift for any woman.  Suitable for any age.

Articles Include:

Beautiful Meekness — Embracing Christlike Humility
Reviving Social Grace — The Beauty of Living for Others
Amy Carmichael — Her Legacy of Faith and How it Changed My Life
His Story — Embracing Our Role in the Real World
In All My Remembrance of You — Long-distance Christ-Centered Relationships
Our Answer is Yes — A Story of Adoption
The Strength of Our Life — With Love Column
What's in a Name? — Exploring the Biblical Meaning of Names

With more inside! 

 83 pages, coated cover, perfect bound, ad free. 
Limited quantities available. 

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