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Eric and Leslie Ultimate Music Collection (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Eric and Leslie Ludy have not produced or recorded music in the last decade — yet we often receive requests from people who want their “early works”— in both audio and sheet music. For the last several years it has been out of print, but we bring it back into one ultimate music collection in downloadable format!

Containing songs that inspired a generation (not so long ago) and stirring instrumental pieces written by Leslie Ludy, this music collection containing 25 songs from 2 albums will inspire you to behold and fall more in love with Jesus Christ. This collection also contains the sheet music for 14 songs, which is only available in this music collection.

A Message From Eric and Leslie Ludy:
It’s been nearly twenty years since we have shared our music publicly or written and recorded any songs. While we still enjoy singing and worshiping God through music, He has placed other priorities before us this past decade, and music has not been a focal point for many years. Because these songs were written and recorded so long ago, it is a bit hard for us not to cringe when we hear some of them! (There is probably a very good reason why God tells us in Scripture to “sing to Him a NEW song!”). However, we are still receiving requests for this music from all over the world, so we have (somewhat reluctantly) chosen to swallow our pride and continue to make these songs available for those who desire them. If it were up to us, we would prefer to start fresh with completely new and updated music. But since that is not possible at this time and people continue to ask for the “old” music, we have made it available here on this website. Though these songs are dated, they do have value to us because they are a reminder of the simple purity and spiritual truths that God was teaching us in those precious early years of our ministry. So we hope you enjoy these humble songs and that they will point you closer to Jesus Christ as you listen!

Total music running time: 1 hour 41 minutes

Music Included:
Album: Heavenly Perspective – 1997
1. Sunrise
2. Nothing Without You
3. Praise
4. You'll Remain Faithful
5. White As Snow
6. Heavenly Perspective
7. What it Means to be a Man
8. I Trust You
9. I Place My Life
10. Created to Love You

Album: Faithfully (Songs About a Love Worth Waiting For) – 1999
1. Thirty Seven Seconds
2. Far Beyond
3. Next Time I Fall in Love
4. Forever By Your Side
5. More Than Flowers
6. Dreams
7. Seventy Seven Seconds
8. Poet and a Prince
9. Ninety Six Seconds
10. Sunrise
11. White as Snow
12. Trust
13. Faithfully (reprise)
14. I Surrender
15. Faithfully (full song)

Digital Sheet Music Includes:
1. Dreams
2. Faithfully (original version)
3. Far Beyond
4. Forever By Your Side
5. I Surrender
6. More Than Flowers
7. Next Time I Fall in Love
8. Poet and a Prince
9. Sunrise
10. Trust
11. White as Snow
12. More of Him
13. Greatest Lover of All Time
14. Faithfully (Wedding Version)

Behind the Music with Leslie Ludy:

Music has always been like journaling for me — it allows me to express the deepest emotions, prayers, and ponderings of my inner life. I feel closer to Christ when I'm singing and worshiping than almost any other spiritual activity that I can do.

A little background: When I was young, my ambition was to be a professional singer and songwriter. I took voice and piano lessons for most of my life, and at the age of fifteen had a Christian producer who recorded a demo of my music to send to record labels in Nashville. But then God radically altered my life. I realized that my music, though done under a “Christian” banner, was actually for my own glory. I was following after an industry that promised fame, money and prestige — not a life radically poured out as a servant of Jesus Christ. He made himself of no reputation, and took on the form of a servant…

So that’s when I laid down the pursuit of a “music career.” I allowed God to overtake my singing and songwriting, and for the next several years, most of my music was simply a private extension of my own quiet times with Christ, not shared with anyone else — I began to understand what it meant to use this gift for the glory of my King alone.

When Eric came into my life, I found that he had gone through a similar journey with his own music. One of the things that brought us together was our like-minded heart for music — not music that pushed us into the spotlight, but music that led others into the presence of the King — us getting out of the way so that Christ would be seen.

When we started traveling around the country, sharing the hope of Christ with our generation, we had the privilege of using the God had given us to help facilitate the working of His Spirit within the hearts and minds of our listeners. I don’t enjoy “performing” music, but I love creating an atmosphere of worship to help usher people into the presence of God. Eric and I love to sing together; and I still continue to write music and sing on my own as well. We still have the first piano that we used to worship together on — after 15 years.

This song captures God’s heart toward sin, forgiveness, and restoration. So many of us feel that it’s too late for us to experience the fullness of all He has for us; that we’ve made too many mistakes in our past to have an unhindered, beautiful, intimate walk with Him. This song reminds us of the power of His cleansing blood, not only to forgive but to heal, restore, and set us free from the shackles of our mistakes.

FAITHFULLY - full length
When we first released our book When God Writes Your Love Story, we had a music CD in the back of it with this song. Faithfully is all about the beauty of setting your life aside in absolute faithfulness — body, mind, and heart — for one person for a lifetime. Eric and I sing this together and it will always be one of our favorite songs — because it reminds us of what God did between us, even before we met each other.

This is the most intimate worship song I’ve written — it’s coming to Christ holding nothing back, arms wide open, allowing Him to take my life and do with it whatever He chooses. That’s the essence of the Gospel — coming to Him in an attitude of absolute surrender and giving Him access to take over every part of our life. My life is no longer my own, I’ve been bought with a price!

This is a beautiful instrumental song that captures the beauty of God’s dreams and plans for His precious children. No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him!

This is an instrumental song I wrote when I was 17 — and later Eric put words to it and I walked down the aisle to it at our wedding. It is a very special song that will always hold great significance and memories of God’s perfect faithfulness in our lives!