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Authentic Beauty

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Authentic Beauty: The Shaping of a Set Apart Young Woman

by Leslie Ludy

Inside every young woman is a princess … in search of her prince. In a culture that mocks the longing for tender romance and where fairy tales never seem to come true — do young women dare hope for more? For every young woman asking that question, this book is an invitation.

With refreshing candor and vulnerability, bestselling author Leslie Ludy reveals how, starting today, you can:

  • Experience the passion and intimacy you long for
  • Begin a never-ending love story with your true Prince
  • Discover the authentic beauty of a life fully set apart for Him
  • Experience a romance that will transform every part of your existence and fulfill the deepest longings of your feminine heart.

Geared for teen and college aged girls — parental guidance is recommended for younger girls due to some subject matters.


For most of my young adult life, I had known Jesus Christ only as the One who had saved me from my sins. I had been looking to an earthly romance to fulfill the deepest desires of my heart. I had been searching for an earthly prince to rescue me, to carry me away to his castle, to love and cherish me forever — to fulfill my feminine desire for tender romance. Like so many modern young women, I gave myself to one shallow relationship after the next, only to end up lonely and heartbroken. I looked to human relationships to meet needs in my heart that only Jesus Christ was meant to fill. 

Until Jesus Christ becomes the Lover of our soul — the very center of our existence — we will always be looking in the wrong places to fulfill our feminine longing for tender romance. We will end up broken-hearted and disillusioned, time and time again. Christ alone can truly fulfill the desires of our heart. Authentic Beauty is a personal and practical book about becoming a set apart young woman in today’s perverse generation. It explores the boundless opportunities God has for the life of a young woman who makes Christ the first love of her heart and allows Him to shape every aspect of her existence.

“Leslie Ludy hits the mark in challenging high school and college-aged women to live a 'set-apart' life, skillfully combining Scripture and common sense to demonstrate the "how" of biblical femininity…” —CCM Magazine

“Leslie Ludy effectively employs the power of her own story to show young women in a practical way the romance of a lifetime with their Savior, Jesus Christ…It is a book all young women will want to read.” —Christian Retailing